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FY 2025 Fairfax County and School Budgets

  • County Executive Bryan Hill presented his budget on Tuesday, 20 February 2024. Here are links to his message, the budget page, the presentation slide deck, and the corresponding FY 2025 Advertised Budget Plan. There are many supplemental documents on the website you may wish to review, including the FY 2025 Budget Forecast Presented to Board of Supervisors and School Board.
  • The County Public School System has prepared a proposed budget to be presented to the County Board of Supervisors. Here are links to the budget page, the presentation slide deck, and Proposed Budget Highlights. There are many supplemental documents on the website you may wish to review.
  • Here are some supporting items:
    • The County Executive In addition is planning to add 42 new positions. See this summary sheet
    • Each supervisor will be holding town hall meetings throughout the county https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/budget/fy-2024-budget-town-hall-meetings
    • The Budget committee chairs asked the school systems several questions. Here are the inquiries and responses:
      • Q. How much per percentage point would a meals tax bring into the county in terms of revenue? Fully understand this is an estimate as we have never had a meals tax in the past.
      • A. We'd estimate roughly $30 million in revenue would be generated from a 1% meals tax.
      • Q. Is 23-cents on the dollar the accurate amount for the return on a dollar of tax revenue to Fairfax County on each dollar sent to the state? What does each additional penny increase mean in real dollars?
      • A. Using the latest available FY22 Virginia annual tax report, the combined County and Schools budgets received approximately 21 cents back from the state for every dollar in state tax revenue that was generated in the county.
    • The highlights of the County Executive"s Proposed Budget that indicates that it fully funds the first year of the public safety collective bargaining agreements between Fairfax County, Virginia and Fairfax Chapter of the Southern States Police Benevolent Association
    • From the Washington Post, Fairfax County Executive Bryan Hill proposed a new budget that would raise the tax rate for homeowners by 4 cents, a move driven in part by a desire for more school and transportation spending. A lagging office market and demands for more school and transportation funding mean leaning more on residential property taxes for county revenue, Hill said.
    • BOS Chair Jeff McKay reports these highlights of the County Executive's Proposed Budget:
      • Revenue projections based on Real Estate Tax Rate of $1.135 per $100 assessed value, an increase of $0.04
      • Includes additional revenue based on a review of user fees and taxes
      • Funds an increase of $165 million, or 6.8%, in the School Operating Transfer
      • Funds compensation for County employees, including performances/merit/longevity increases, a 2.00% market rate adjustment, and benchmark adjustments
      • Fully funds the first year of the Public Safety collective bargaining agreements
      • Provides for other limited, targeted investments including 42 new positions to address various needs across the County including the impacts of inflation and support for Board priorities including affordable housing and environmental initiatives
      • Includes reductions of $36 million and 84 positions primarily recognizing saving efficiencies identified by agencies
      • Leaves and balances of $3.83 million for the Board's consideration

  • At the virtual Federation Members Meeting on Thursday, 22 February, we were joined by Matthew Norton, Fairfax County Public Schools Budget Assistant Director, and Joe LaHait, Deputy Director, and Phil Hagen, Director, Fairfax County Department of Management and Budget. They explained and answered questions related to their respective budgets.
  • To establish the Federation's position on the county's budget, the Budget Committee coordinated and reviewed each committees' submissions to the Committee, which were due midnight, March 8th. The committee then meet on the tenth to draft a Budget Resolution for the Board meeting on 21 March. This was open to all Federation Board Members. The board reviewed the committee's draft resolution. A modified version was approved and will be presented for membership consideration at our 28 March Membership meeting.
  • At the 28 March Federation Membership meeting the Board-approved Budget resolution will be presented to the membership for Approval.
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