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FedBoard2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org

All our Federation email addresses are now in the format Position2014@FairfaxFederation.org. All email links on the website are being updated, but if you come across one not in the proper format please be sure to update it in your email application!

Federation Board Meeting
September 2013 Board Meeting, round the table from left front: Art Wells, Ed Saperstein, Tania Hossain, Matthew Bell, Linda Boone, Daniela Cockayne, Scott Schlegel, Bill Hanks, Jim Phelps, Bill Barfield, Kathy Kaplan, Ed Wyse, and Rob Jackson
Federation Board Meeting
September 2013 Board Meeting, from the left: Ed Wyse, Rob Jackson, Jeff Parnes, Tania Hossain, Charlie Dane, Ed Saperstein, Tim Thompson, Matthew Bell, Linda Boone, Bill Hanks, Bill Barfield, Kathy Kaplan, and Fred Costello

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PhotoPositionNameE-Mail Address
OfficersFedOfficers2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Robert JacksonPresidentRobert JacksonFedPres2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Ed WyseFirst Vice President (membership)Ed WyseFed1stVP2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Bill BarfieldSecond Vice President (activities)Bill BarfieldFed2ndVP2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Scott SchlegelTreasurerScott SchlegelFedTreas2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Linda BooneRecording SecretaryLinda BooneFedRecSec2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Fred CostelloCorresponding SecretaryFred CostelloFedCorSec2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Tania HossainPast PresidentTania HossainFedPastPres2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org

Committee Chairs / Co-chairsFedCommChrs2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Linda Boone
Robert Jackson
BudgetLinda Boone
Rob Jackson
FedBudgetChr2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Don HinmanCitizen Association ServicesDon HinmanFedAssociationServicesChr2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Ed Saperstein
Tim Thompson
EducationEd Saperstein
Tim Thompson
FedEducationChr2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Flint WebbEnvironmentFlint WebbFedEnvironmentChr2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Cherie Lejeune
Morgan Jameson
Human ServicesCherie Lejeune
Morgan Jameson
FedHumanServicesChr2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Fred Costello
Matthew Bell
Land UseFred Costello
Matthew Bell
FedLandUseChr2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Frank AndersonLegislationFrank AndersonFedLegislationChr2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Kathy KaplanLibraryKathy KaplanFedLibraryChr2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Tania HossainMembershipTania HossainFedMembershipChr2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Daniela CockaynePublic SafetyDaniela CockayneFedPublicSafetyChr2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Bill HanksResolutionsBill HanksFedResolutionsChr2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Karen Campblin
Jeff Parnes
TransportationKaren Campblin
Jeff Parnes
FedTransportationChr2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org

District RepresentativesFedDistrictReps2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
ArtWellsBraddockArt WellsFedBraddockRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Chris SouleLeeChris SouleFedLeeRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Roger HoskinMasonRoger HoskinFedMasonRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Katherine WardMount VernonKatherine WardFedMtVernonRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Flint WebbProvidenceFlint WebbFedProvidenceRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Ed WyseSpringfieldEd WyseFedSpringfieldRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Jeff ParnesSullyJeffrey ParnesFedSullyRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org

Federation Liaisons and Representatives
to Other Organizations
FedLiaisons2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Bill HanksAHOMEBill HanksFedAHOMERRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Frank CrandallAirports Advisory CommitteeFrank CrandallFedAirportsRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Loretta PrincipeCitizen Corps CouncilLoretta PrincipeFedCCCRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Margaret ThaxtonCommunity Action Advisory BoardMargaret ThaxtonFedCActionBRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Criminal Justice Advisory BoardHerbert SmithFedCrimJustAdvBrdRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
John JennisonCommunity Revitalization and Reinvestment Advisory GroupJohn JennisonFedCRRAGRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Jim PhelpsEngineering Standards Review CommitteeJim PhelpsFedESRCRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
John HanksInformation Technology Policy Advisory CommitteeJohn HanksFedITPACRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Ana PradosMetropolitan Washington Air Quality Committee Technical Advisory CommitteeAna PradosFedMWAQCTACRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Tania HossainFairfax Partnership for YouthTania HossainFedFairfaxPartnershipForYouthRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
John JennisonPrivate Sector Energy Task Force (Chairman Bulova's)John JennisonFedPrivateSectorEnergyTaskForceRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Trails and Sidewalks CommitteeMark TiptonFedTrailsSidewalksComRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
FCPS School Board Advisory Committee on Students with DisabilitiesJeff NolanFedSBAdvComStuDisRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Latisha ElcockFCPS School Board Advanced Academic Programs Advisory CommitteeLatisha ElcockFedSBAdvAchievementRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Charles DaneFCPS School Board Human Relations Advisory CommitteeCharles DaneFedSBHumRelAdvComRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Tim ThompsonFCPS Supt's Business and Community Advisory CouncilTim ThompsonFedSuptBusComAdvCnclRep2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org

Related PositionsE-Mail Address
Fred CostelloBulletin EditorFred CostelloFedBulletinEditor2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org
Jeff ParnesWebmasterJeffrey ParnesFedWebmaster2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org

The Federation wishes to acknowlege the many indivduals who have served as its president since it was founded in the 1940s.

  • We appreciate your comments and suggestions for future programs and forums.
  • If you have issues of a general nature, please e-mail the president of the Federation at FedPres2015 @ fairfaxfederation.org.
  • Our mailing address is:
    Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations
    P.O. Box 3913
    Merrifield, VA 22116-3913
  • If you would like to volunteer to serve on any committee, please contact the committee chair above.
  • If you would like to volunteer to serve in any vacant position, please contact the Federation President above.
  • Since we do not staff an office, we cannot accept phone calls.
  • Thanks!

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