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2023-2024 Federation Officers

At the 25 May Membership meeting, the new Federation officers will be elected from a slate advanced by the Nominating Committee and as a result of nominations from the floor at the meeting, if any.

The following people were proposed as the 2023-24 officer slate by the nominating committee. Here are brief snippets of information for our consideration. They provided these biographies:

    Sridhar Ganesan
    President: Sridhar Ganesan
    , Hunter Mill, incumbent
  • Sridhar is willing to stand for reelection as President of the Fairfax Federation after serving in that position for the past year. After being the President of the Reston Citizens Association. president for two four-year terms, he ran for and was elected treasurer and a Board Member of the Reston Association where he was in charge of a multi-million-dollar budget, as well as ensuring payment of about 1200 employees, maintenance of parks & pools, and the many other amenities overseen and used by about 55,000+ citizens of Reston
  • Tim Thompson
    First Vice President: Tim Thompson
    , Dranseville, incumbent
  • Tim Thompson has served the Federation in many positions, as President from 2016-2019, as Corresponding Secretary in 2021-2022, as 1st Vice President this year and variously as education, legislation and budget co-chairs
  • Larry Green
    Second Vice President: Larry Green
    , Mt Vernon District
  • Larry Green has been the Mt Vernon Council of Citizens associations representative to the Federation for several years. He has over 15 years' experience in program/project management and 11 years specific military and government agency experience providing customer support in strategic planning and budgeting, organizational and business process improvement, information technology, and operations management.
  • Jeff Parnes
    Treasurer: Jeff Parnes
    , Sully, incumbent
  • Jeff Parnes has served the Federation in many positions, as President from 2007-2010, as 1st VP in 2006-2007, previously as Treasurer from 2004-2006 and this year, and variously as COY, resolution and transportation chairs, and as Webmaster from 2005 to date
  • CareyCampbell
    Recording Secretary: Carey Campbell
    , Springfield District
  • Carey Campbell has served the Federation in many positions, previously as Vice President, presently as transportation committee co-chair, previously as budget co-chair. He's active in the North Springfield Civic Association and Braddock District Council
  • Morgan Jameson
    Corresponding Secretary: Morgan Jameson
    , Franconia District, incumbent
  • Morgan has a long relationship with the Federation having served for several years as the Human Services Committee co-chair. He served as 1st VP in 2021-2022.
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