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Federation Definition of Homeowner/Civic Associations

There are several kinds of residential associations in Fairfax County. In general, there are homeowner associations and civic associations.

Homeowner Associations

a) There are Homeowner Associations where residents are required to join an association and pay dues and other assessments determined by a governing body. State law requires that a community have a homeowners association, if, for example, the community owns common land, such as a pool and swim club, or a community park. Condominium associations are also subject to special State laws that govern their operation.
b) There are geographical Homeowner Associations where residents of a specific area, such as Pimmit Hills, can voluntarily join an association open to anyone residing in that area. Homeowner Associations can also be formed by separate standing residences or townhouses.

Civic Associations

In addition, there are civic associations, such as the McLean Citizens Associations, Great Falls Citizens Associations, or the Federation, that function as umbrella organizations to which community and homeowner associations can voluntarily join in order to address issues of common interest and concern. The County's District Councils also fall into the umbrella civic association category. A homeowner or civic association may join the Federation if there are at least ten residences in the association.

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